How The Associated Tennis Suppliers Flourished Through Rick Paray

Great ideas and realizations are truly conceived during the most unexpected time, and Rick Paray can prove that it’s true. That is because he is the owner of the ATS or Associated Tennis Players Company; it is a business entity that caters to the sport of tennis. His company sells a wide range of tennis equipment and gears such as grommets, grips, strings, racquets and many more. But before he was able to open this and put it into operation, what led him to accomplishing this started with a single realization and it was during a time he least expected, he never that he could come up with something brilliant. Years ago, on one of the normal evenings of Rick, he was cleaning his racquet after an intense game with a friend. While wiping and observing the racquet, he noticed something in the stringing pattern of it; without anything in mind he grabbed another one and tried to compare the pattern with no apparent reason. After close observation, he finally came to a discovery that what affected his performance in the game is his new racquet; he looked closely and started comparing it to his old one.

Rick Paray then tried multiple tests on the two different patterned racquets, by using its grip, trying out the weight, and other simple to extensive tests. After a few hours of deep observation, he then finally discovered that what lacks and differentiates the two racquets is the formation of its stringing. Rick immediately made a new racquet to try stringing it, he made different ones at a certain time period, by the time he has finished making all sorts of stringed patterns he immediately put it to the test. Each game on a different day he used a certain racquet, he carefully studied how each one affects the performance of his game play. He made notes, and even had his friends try it out and rank which works best to which is less, his interest for these strings have led him to become a “Stringer” of his time.

Rick Paray was so thrilled about what he has discovered, he tried to sell the idea to a number of huge sports equipment, and while many turned him down, he never backed down. Instead, he focused on pitching his new found innovation in the sport to the smaller companies that cater to tennis, but after trying to put it out there, he just decided to rather own the idea and sell it himself. That’s when the birth of ATS came into existence, and shortly after opening the store, Rick quickly received a lot of orders from here and there regarding his stringing patterns. Today, ATS is still operating and has branches in other states across the country, they even offer shipping to other countries through its official website.

Memory Foam Mattress

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